We know and understand that children have different sleep, rest and relaxation needs. Children of the same age can have different sleep patterns that we need to consider within the Centre.

We define ‘rest’ as a period of inactivity, solitude, calmness, or tranquillity, and can include a child being in a state of sleep. Considering the busy and energetic nature of children’s day, we feel that it is important for children to participate in a quiet/rest period during the day in order to rest, relax, and recharge their body. Effective rest strategies are important factors in ensuring a child feels secure and safe in an early childhood environment.

Our educators will consult with families about their child’s individual needs, ensuring all parties are aware of the different values, cultural, and parenting beliefs and practices, or opinions associated with sleep requirements.

Each room has different sleep environments for the children.

All bed linen is washed daily and dried in natural sunlight.


Two sleeping rooms with block out curtains and doors. Cots are fitted with a bottom sheet, and parent are encouraged to bring in a zip up sleeveless sleeping bag, and taken home to wash. As children begin the transition to Pre Kindy, day beds are used for their sleep times.


Children are given the opportunity to sleep or rest in the blocked out sun room on day beds. A comforter or dummy can be given to the child if brought in from home.


By the age of 3-3.5 years when children transition into the Kindy room, many begin to drop their day sleep. Children in the Kindy room are given the opportunity to rest or sleep during quiet time on sleeping mats.