Room Structure and Overview

We have three rooms at the Centre including the Nursery, Pre-Kindy and Kindy rooms.

Each room has a play based educational programme which is written by the Primary Educators on a fortnightly basis. This programme is based on individual observations of children as well as the group. For our programming we use the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). You can learn more about our programming here.


Children aged 4 months – 2 years

Educators: Christie Lee, Kismat, Gabby, Brittany

The Nursery Room caters for up to 12 children with a ratio of 1:4.


Children aged 2 years – 3.5 years

Educators: Kaye, Neda, Shaveta, Hannah, Sally

The Pre-Kindy Room caters for up to 20 with a ratio of 1:5.


Children aged 3.5 years to school age

Early Childhood Teacher: Stephanie N

Educator/ Educational Leader: Lauren, Renee

The Kindy Room caters for up to 20 children with a ratio of 1:11.

Casual Educators: lourdes