Kidman Park Community Children’s Centre values its position in the local community. Our centre in the Western Suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia, is in close proximity to a number of feeder kindergartens and primary schools including;

Kindergartens in the area

Primary Schools in the area

City of Charles Sturt

City of Charles Sturt is the local government area that the centre is located in. We receive regular visits from the councils Mobile Library, where the children visit the bus to look through books, hear stories and borrow books for the centre.

Dental Program

Kidman Park Community Children’s Centre receives two visits a year from the Lift the Lip and Smile Program. This is a free service to families run by SA Health.

Community services

We purchase local products from local suppliers, such as K.W Wholesalers, Lion Diary & Drinks, Rossiters Fruit and Veg and Midfield Meats.

Extra-Curricular Programs

  • Currently Hey Dee Ho runs on Fridays for children enrolled into the program. Hey Dee Ho classes encourage a growth mindset, an appreciation of health and an active lifestyle through play based learning and experiences.  On Wednesday’s we have Yoga, with Bhava Yoga for the over 2’s.

  • Networking opportunities within CCCSA and other Community Centres in South Australia.

  • Annual Fundraiser participation for organisations such as SIDS for Kids, Jeans for Genes and National Bandana Day.