Kidman Park Community Children’s Centre promotes balanced healthy diets for all children while they are attending child care. We also believe that eating habits are formed during early childhood and that when children learn to enjoy healthy foods at a young age healthy eating patterns are formed. We aim to ensure that meal times are positive learning experiences.

In conjunction with our in-house cook Casey and health care professionals, specialised diets can be planned for those children who have allergies, intolerances or cultural requirements.

The centre has a four week rotating menu, which is displayed in the Reception area, and within each room. Our menu has been developed along side Nutrition Australia, and supports the centre to meet Element 2.1.3 Healthy eating and physical activity are promoted and appropriate for each child, of the National Quality Standards.

Menus include morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, and provide for a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, red and white meat, fish, legumes and vegetarian dishes.

We value input from families who may have suggestions regarding the planned menu or have some new recipes for us to try.

Progressive Meals

We offer progressive morning and afternoon teas here at the Centre.

Instead of children eating at a set time, they are able to snack anytime during an allotted time period. This is designed to get away from rigid time frames that may not suit all children. Progressive morning and afternoon teas give older children the flexibility to decide when to have their morning or afternoon snack. They can finish an activity without rushing to pack up and eat when they’re feeling hungry. It also allows educators to have a greater interaction with individual children as there are fewer children eating at the same time.

Younger Babies

The main meal is accompanied with pureed/mashed vegetables (pumpkin, broccoli, carrot and zucchini). Staff may modify the morning and afternoon tea to suit differing ages of children in room with pureed fruits, yoghurt.

Late Snacks

A range of nutritious snacks are always available in the kitchen for staff to serve. Choices include; fresh mixed sandwiches, fresh fruits, crackers, cheese, spreads, yoghurt and milk.